Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Struck Down

Regular readers will have noticed there has been a lack of blog updates in the last couple of weeks. The reason for this is that I have been unexpectedly in hospital. There I was in work on a Friday lunchtime feeling perfectly normal and thinking about the weekend head when a searing pain developed right through my middle, all my colour drained away, I start sweating and my recently eaten lunch put in a reappearance. The pain was excruciating and I was really struggling to breathe. 30 minutes later and I was in hospital being connected up to all sorts of machines and having all kinds of needles and tubes stuck in me.

The diagnosis quickly came back as a severe acute pancreatitis, a very nasty and potentially life threatening condition. Not quite how I had planned to spend the weekend or the following two weeks! Anyway despite being extremely unwell, I am now making good process and was pleased to be sent home a couple of days ago. My brush with the grim reaper has bought home a couple of key points about life. Firstly you should really saviour and make the most of each and every day as you really never know what is lurking around the corner. It will certainly make me appreciate even more those special moments I share with wildlife. Secondly it really doesn't matter what you have in life because without your health you really do have nothing.

So please bare with me and I will returning to normal blogging activities once I have built some strength back up.

Obviously I didn't want to make a post without a couple of images, so here are a couple of Black-headed gulls that I took at the local marine lake in some late afternoon sun before I was 'struck down'.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mini Bite

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Curlew Opportunity

As many of the regular readers of this blog will know, I like to keep a camera by my side as often as possible to take advantage of any wildlife photography opportunities that cross my path. One such chance event occurred recently as I was driving past one of the local fields which the winter flocks of Curlew like to use during high tide to feed and roost. I suppose I was fortunate to be passing at the right time and also that the sun briefly showed on an otherwise grey and overcast day. When I first found the flock they were busy feeding but too distant for photographs of individual birds.

On the scale of difficulty of approach, I would rank Curlew fairly high. If you are on foot then they will start walking rapidly in the opposite direction long before you have managed to get anywhere within photography range. However, they don't seem to associate a car with danger and so I used mine as a mobile hide. This was one of the rare occasions when some dog walkers actually helped me photograph the birds. Two appeared on the far side of the field and the immediate response of the birds was to start walking in the opposite direction but in this case it was towards me.
It is always a great feeling when your subject starts getting larger and larger in the viewfinder as not only do you know the photographs will improve with each step but also the fact that you get opportunity to observe the birds at close quarters.
Despite staying alert to the now distant dog walkers the birds continued to feed on earthworms. No earthworm within 10cms of the soil surface is safe from that long elegantly curved bill.
Still the birds came closer and were now completely filling the frame. You will notice that there is a large difference in bill length between the bird in the photograph above and the one below. If I am correct I believe the females generally have the longest bills.
The sun even managed to put in a brief appearance while the birds were at close range.
The brief 30 minute session ended as quickly as it had begun, firstly as the sun disappeared behind a dark mass of cloud that stretched to the horizon and secondly by a cyclist who passed on my side of the field and caused the flock to take flight and land in the middle of the field and out of camera. I always love these unexpected opportunities, regardless of how brief and they certainly brighten the day. Hopefully the year ahead will offer many more chance encounters but when and with which bird or mammal will have to remain a mystery until it takes place.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Cookie Pizza Valentine's Bouquet

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Valentine's Dinner on the Concorde

British Airways have announced a charity auction that will allow a pair of high-flying romantics to enjoy the ultimate Valentines dinner date.

The airline is inviting couples to bid in the auction for the chance to be wined and dined on board the world’s most iconic aircraft – without even leaving the ground.

The highest bidder will win a romantic dinner for two on board the British Airways flagship Concorde G-BOAC at Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park on Feb. 14.

The lucky couple will receive red carpet treatment from the steps of Concorde to their exclusive table for two in the main cabin, where they will be served a three-course dinner – created by a top chef – with a bottle of champagne.

Anyone is welcome to bid for the Valentine’s Day dinner on Concorde in the company’s email auction.

The prize will be awarded to the highest bidder and there is a reserve price of £500. The auction closes on Sunday, February 12 at midnight and the winner will be notified on Monday, February 13.

To enter send an email to valentines.concorde@ba.com stating how much you would be prepared to pay for the prize and give your name and contact details.

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Monday, February 6, 2012


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