Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life

Post Taken from  Danderma 

Through a pledge we sent out from out blogs we managed to find a generous and kind sponsor to save Abdul Kareem’s cancer infected leg by providing treatment for him. The amount of people who were touched by his case and wanted to help out in any way possible was overwhelming.
Unfortunately cancer patients are still being discovered everyday and not all of them can afford to have treatment. Such is the case of little baby Fahad born to a Kuwaiti mother and a Syrian father. He has lukimeia. He needs bone marrow transplant. None of his family members can be donors as they are not compatible. He can have the transplant in India but he needs 37 thousands KD. Why isn’t he able to have his transplant in Kuwait when we is beyond me but his medical report is here if you know how to read the medical language (Medical Report PDF).
In Abdul Kareem’s case it was a pledge to save his leg. In Baby Fahad’s case its a pledge to give him a chance to grow up and living a life. To grow up, to go to school, to eat, to laugh, to play, to fast Ramadan and enjoy the ups and downs of life. To get married and have babies of his own. To have a death bed with his children and grandchildren gathered around him as he takes his last breaths. A life!
Here is how you can help: spread the word! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  Whatsapp, BBM, Family Gatherings, Work, School, College! Spread the word until a donor comes up to help out baby Fahad as its the last hope for him!
If you know anyone whose interested please contact  Q8 Rain on her blog or by emailing her at or on Twitter: @Q8Rain


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