Friday, April 20, 2012

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today

{Taking a cue from my friend who titles her blog posts from lines in music}

What do you do when your children say, "Come play with us, Mom!"

enjoying the sunshine

You obey!

Yesterday {and today} have been gorgeous! We have been soaking up the clear skies and 70-80 degree Spring weather. Next week temps will probably be back in the 40-50 range, this is Northern Nevada after all.

I & J resting

We basked in the sunshine,

crawling race

had crawling races,

crab walk race

crab walk races,

rolling race

rolling races,

wheel barrow race

and wheel barrow races.

We also laughed, enjoyed each others company, and built a memory.

Sometimes the best things really are free...and easy to do.

What have you done with your children lately? 
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