Thursday, April 12, 2012


little voice singing primary songs

After I helped her put on her shoes and jacket, Hersey {2}, threw open the door and announced to her older siblings {and the world}: "Here's me!"

Special Dark {5}: "Mom's a genius!" after I fixed his marble run so it sloped properly.

Special Dark: Mom, truth or dare?
Me: Dare
Special Dark: Give Dad a piggy back ride and jump over the couch.
{I did give him a piggy back ride but definitely did not try jumping over the couch.}

Hershey: It's your favorite man! {as she holds up my phone with a picture of Mr. Ferrero Rocher}

brown eyes

Special Dark on Easter Sunday: Are Guelito and Avi resurrected yet?
Me: No, not until Jesus comes again.
Special Dark: You know how Dad is getting gray hair? I don't want him to die.
Me: He won't die because he's getting gray hair.
Special Dark: Yeah, but that means he's old!

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Hershey: I need my jacket on because Giddy's fat.

Hershey: Please change the basketball in my diaper.

Hershey: Mom, I'm tired. I want to lay on the treadmill.
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