Monday, April 16, 2012

Fishing Tackle Barrel Swivel Bracelets

barrel swivel bracelet 01

Did you know fishing tackle can be used to make some of the easiest bracelets ever?
barrel swivel bracelet 02

We used barrel swivels with interlocking snaps and added seed beads for color. Barrel swivels come in different sizes - the smaller the number the larger the size. No matter what size you get all of the packages contain the same number of swivels for the same price so its a better deal to buy the larger sizes. We made two adult size bracelets with one package of 12 barrel swivels that cost us $1.25.
barrel swivel bracelet 03 copy

Make sure you get the barrel swivels with interlocking snaps. They open and close like a safety pin.
 barrel swivel bracelet 04

To make the basic bracelet just connect the interlocking snap of one barrel swivel to the bottom loop of another swivel. It only took four swivels to make bracelets for the younger kids {ages 7 on down}, five swivels for the tweens, and six swivels for adult sizes. It's easy to add more swivels if you need to.
barrel swivel bracelet 05 copy

To add seed beads you'll need to first straighten the curved end with pliers to allow the seed beads to slide on. They don't want to go around that 90 degree curve!
barrel swivel bracelet 06

Add half the beads, then add the next swivel before adding the rest of the beads.
barrel swivel bracelet 08

Easy, cheap bracelets that look more expensive than the 60 cents worth of supplies it took to make them}!

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