Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1940 Census: Who are you looking for?

The images for the 1940 Census were released on Monday. And we couldn't be more excited! We have been busy indexing records for the first states available.

{Scroll over the images to see where our ancestors are listed and who they are}

1940 Census Nevada Royal and Willmuth Crook1940 Census Nevada Franklin Don

But even better we have searched through the images and found my husband's grandparents and great-grandparents.

1940 Census Nevada Franklin Ernest

New information we didn't know {although I'm sure his parents knew but who remembers to tell little things like that?} about his ancestors include his great-grandfather, F.E., was a lawyer.

1940 Census Nevada Crook Children and Amelia Murdock Witt

And his great-grandmother, Amelia Murdock Witt, was living with his grandparents at the time the census was taken.

1940 Census Utah Charles Worthen Gibbs

We've also found my grandmother and great -grandparents. Their neighbors just above them on the census were still my grandmother's neighbors when I was little. And I remember them too!

Do you have relatives you want to find? Here's how to start your search.

Go to the official 1940 Census Archive Search page.
Enter what you know about where your ancestors lived at the time: state, county, city, even street name. {scroll over the images for information about each page to aid you in your search}

1940 Census 01

The results will come up for you to look through. Here are the results when we searched for Lincoln County, NV. We read the descriptions and realized the enumeration district we wanted was 9-4. We clicked on that.

1940 Census 02

The images we want are called "Census Schedules." Click on the census schedules for the enumeration district you are looking for.

1940 Census 03

The images of the census show up really big. This district is little so there were only 14 pages to look through.

1940 Census 04

Look! at the bottom of page 7 we found Mr. Ferrero Rocher's great-grandparents. Their children are listed on the next page.

If your ancestors came from a big town there can be hundreds of images to look through. That is why indexing them is so important! It will save time for those looking for information about their ancestors and loved ones. Once all the 1940 Census images are indexed instead of scanning through the images you will be able to do a search of their name and be taken right to the census schedule they are on.

Who are you looking for?

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