Friday, March 9, 2012

Dipper Time

Thought I would post a few more Dipper images taken during my lunch hour sessions before I was 'struck down' (see previous post). The photos in this post were taken over the two brief sessions.
I really love these birds and can never tire of watching them dive into and hunting through shallow areas of streams for food.
It always raises a smile when I spot one of these birds gently bobbing up and down (from which they get their name) while perched on a large boulder with rushing water all around.

During my initial search for these fascinating birds I had managed to locate a pair in the upstream reaches of the stream, although one of these had a badly infected foot which from a photographic point of view did not look great. I had also briefly encountered a single bird on one occasion about half a mile downstream. During these two sessions, I managed to locate a second pair of birds that had started to build a nest below a foot bridge.
I suspect that this pair included the one I had previously seen downstream. It was good to have located a definite nesting site as it would allow me to concentrate my efforts in a more defined area for future sessions. Unfortunately just as a plan has come together they have had to be put on hold due to my unexpected illness.
I suspected given the very slow progress on recovery of my health will probably now leave it too late to return to the Dippers. By the time I get to revisit I suspect the leaves will have emerged on the bank side trees of this woodland stream and plunged it in to darkness, making any photography near impossible.
If that should be the case then there is always next year :)


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