Monday, April 11, 2011

A relaxed and gorgeous weekend...

Back from a peaceful, relaxed and gorgeous weekend, I have spent the last two days in the remote and quiet town of La Aldea de San Nicolas, a small town far far from the rest of the world. Ate fresh fruit collected straight from the land, fresh fish by the beach, did a lot of walking, went to a hidden beach, etc...I wish I could bring some of this with me back to London, the feeling of total calm, and peace that I feel when I am here, the tranquility and simplicity of its people and landscape, which is every dry and moon like, with its endemic plants, birds, lizards, etc...I totally love London, but I appreciate this so different part of my life/culture that I get to live when back home in Gran Canaria.
Do you have a favorite place where to scape and recharge batteries??

Daises outside my hubby's house, (my name, margarita, means daisy in English), I got a very nice surprise when I saw them in his front garden, not that he planted them, apparently they grew from nowhere, which is even more surprising...



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