Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dandelion Crowns {or other Flower Chains}: A tutorial

Dandelion Crown 09

When dandelions and other flowers, but dandelions especially, grow abundantly where you live making flower chains or flower crowns is a skill you must learn! Princesses and fair maidens need these to complete their outfits. Or even to add a special touch to a tea party.

Dandelion Crown 01

Step 1: Gather your flowers. We are using dandelions here but any thicker stemmed flower will do like hyacinths, daisies, marigolds, and even tulips. Make sure you have at least 3 inches of stem. Those little ones {that Hershey picked} won't work.

Dandelion Crown 02

Step 2: Carefully use your fingernail to split the stem in the middle. Don't make the split go all the way down! We just want a hole in the middle of the stem.

Dandelion Crown 03

Step 3: Stick the stem of a different flower through the hole you created in the stem.

Dandelion Crown 04

Step 4: Split the stem of the new flower you just poked through and poke another flower into that hole.

Dandelion Crown 05

Step 5: Continue adding flowers to your "chain" until it is long enough to go around your daughter's {or your!} head.

Dandelion Crown 06

Step 6: To connect to the first flower, split the stem of the last flower

Dandelion Crown 07

then carefully poke the head of the first flower into the hole. For larger flowers like marigolds or tulips you will stick the stem of the last flower into the hole of the first flower {so there are two flowers poking into that hole}.

Dandelion Crown 08

Viola! A flower crown {or flower chain} to wear for the day. Sadly, these only last a day, but they sure are fun!

Flower Crown 04

They aren't just for little girls to wear! {Here I am with Hershey when she was 6 months old}

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