Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordfull Wednesday: Shoes

We are helping to clean the shoes
Do people still shine their shoes?

I know, I know. It's a silly topic for Wordfull Wednesday. I think I was in a crazy mood, or is it desperate? Now I'm stuck with it. Stuck like gum to the bottom of your shoe. 

My favorite shoes are an old brown pair I've had for 10 years at least. They are the work horse of my shoe collection. I wear them when I go grocery shopping {although not as much now that they are finally wearing out}, when I water the garden, and when I cook and clean my house.

Old Lady In a Shoe
Thank goodness this is NOT my house...though I do feel like the old woman sometimes...I don't know what to do!

These shoes have been worn to the hospital for the deliveries of five of my children. They have paced the floor while holding those children when sick or tired or while dancing with them in the kitchen.

These old brown shoes have driven many a mile - to Utah to visit family, to Reno for doctor appointments, to town for swim lessons or weekly church activities.

They aren't pretty or fashionable, just functional and comfortable. They take me through the day as I care for my family just like a good shoe should do.

Join us for Wordfull Wednesday! Write a blog post about your favorite pair of shoes. What adventures have you had in them? Come and link up!

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