Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Summer School Schedule

School's Out 1958

The weather is getting warmer. The days are longer. And school will soon be out. Or will it?

Not for us! We still have two more months of school. I can just hear you saying, "Your poor kids! Cut them some slack. Stop being a cruel, mean homeschooling mama!"

Would you still say that if you knew my kids had all of December and April off with a week off in the middle of October and February too? One of the pleasures of homeschooling is creating a schedule that works for our family. For us that means a type of year-round schooling of three months on {doing school}, one month off {no school}, with a week off in the middle of the three months on. The months we take off are usually April, August, and December. It just works for us.

However, our summer schedule still differs from the rest of the school year. We are busy farming so school is usually done in the afternoon {during the heat of the day}. The hay is raked in the early morning hours and the three oldest {it'll be the four oldest this year!} are gone to help. This is perfect as the littler ones and I go and work in the garden while the day is still somewhat cool.

Music 'round the Clock

Our school work load is also a bit lighter in the summertime. We take more field trips, go on more nature walks, and study a lot more science. We also make time to do the activities in our Cool Summer Days Calendar.  Our book learning is replaced with more hands on activities.

Do you do school during the summer? What does your schedule look like?



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