Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vintagey Chocolatey Goodness!

Hmmmm.....noticed any changes around here? The blog has received a long overdue makeover thanks to my fabulous friend, Misty! Seriously, she is listed as a synonym for fabulous in my thesaurus.

For those reading in a feed reader or through an e-mail update here are a few changes that have occurred {you know, to entice you to come and see it for yourself!}.
  • A yummy new font in my header and on the sidebar graphics. It makes me want to lick a chocolate batter laden spoon!
  • New social media buttons made from chocolates.
  • The navigation bar at the top has been removed and links to those pages can now be found on my sidebar accompanied by some of the cutest vintage graphics ever
  • No more lime green background.
  • There's a hostess cupcake as my blog's favicon.
  • A new blog signature!
  • You can see my latest Pinterest pins on my sidebar.
There are a few more subtle changes that I am working on, mostly with the pages linked to on the sidebar. My tutorial page has finally been updated with photos and links to all the fun things I have posted over the years. I'll be updating my homeschool and cookbook pages too so hopefully it will be easier to find past posts.

Isn't the blog lovely? Muchas gracias, Misty!


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